MENA Region

On the 04th and 05th of July 2018 the final Regional Workshop of the IKI project “Accelerating 0-emission building sector ambitions in the MENA region” took place in Beirut. More than 100 persons attended the event.

The project focuses on increasing the use of energy efficient and/or renewable energy-based heating and cooling systems in the building sector, especially in cities in the MENA region. Through a participatory approach in which different groups of stakeholders were involved, we identified drivers and barriers for the deployment of energy efficiency measures in the MENA region. Together with stakeholders, recommendations were developed. The findings of the project, along with the recommendations were presented and discussed at the Regional Workshop.

The workshop aimed at: 

- Engaging with Ministries from the MENA region on project findings.

- Presenting the project findings from the MENA region;

- Showing the impacts of efficient heating & cooling in the building sector;

- Gathering political views & support for policy recommendations;

- Facilitate integration of project insights into NDCs and national action plans;

- Raising awareness on the benefits of efficient heating & cooling in the building sector at all levels.

The agenda of the workshop can be found here.

You may find the presentations of the speakers here:

C. Petersdorff, K. Steinbacher, M. Schäfer, R. Bhar - Project Findings and Recommendations

F. Comaty - Climate Action Tracker

R. Missaoui - Regional Status of NDCs

L. Kai – Implementing NDCs in Lebanon

M. Rababa'a - Best practice: Enforcement and Implementation: Greater Amman Municipality

K. Farah - Best practice: Experience from Egypt

A. Yeretzian – Best practice: technologies and buildings: passive approaches and technologies

R. Al Achkar - Heat pumps project in Lebanon and the implementation of a testing facility

W. Zmerly – Hybrid solar heat pumps

R. Fakhoury - Case presentation: NEEREA

W. Peylo - Case presentation: LEEREFF

R. Hamzeh - Case presentation: JREEEF

M. Maly - Case presentation EBRD: Global approach

D. Ibrahim - Case presentation EBRD: Egypt approach

F. Comaty - Integrating an economic viability tool to financing applications

This project is part of the International Climate Initiative. The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) supports this initiative on the basis of a decision taken by the German parliament (Bundestag).

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